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Language development is a big undertaking. Children go from cries for essential, life sustaining needs to having little conversations with us in their adorable little voices. I crack up when my toddler uses words that just seem too big for him or twisting my words against me. The latest language trick he has learned is to look inquisitively to the side and “ask” if we have something. For example, “we has granola bars?” is his new way of asking if I will get him a granola bar even though he has had 3 snacks already that morning.

They are clever and sneaky and I love it.

Back to the “big undertaking,” our children need us in order to accomplish this lofty task. They need us to talk, A LOT! I know I’m a speech pathologist but I honestly do not naturally talk that much at home. Home was always a quiet space for me. Even when my first son was a baby, I had to remind myself of what I knew professionally…I needed to talk to myself aloud more. I made it a point to talk to him and the dog as if they could talk back. I started hosting my own cooking show everyday. It wasn’t natural for me, but it did get easier. I even poked fun at myself just to keep the talking going.

The point here is, they need to hear language to develop language.

I’d say complaining about quarantine counts but I’d personally try to keep the talking positive…practice some positive mindfulness might help everyone involved.

Published by Dr. Miranda Wolff

I am a speech-language pathologist and I specialize in early intervention. I obtained my Masters degree from Penn State University and my Doctorate Degree from Rocky Mountain University of Healthcare Professions. I have worked in a variety of setting but most of my experience is working with preschool aged children. I thought I knew so much about that age and younger until I had my own children! I'm a proud mother of two wonderful boys and while they can be a challenge at times, they help me develop new skills and new ways to approach language development in a functional and motivating way I would never have truly grasped without them. I started this blog in an effort to share and support others while their little ones are growing and learning and also to support my fellow SLPs. I hope you find my posts helpful. My goal is to provide practical ideas and suggestions because I know first hand that setting out to do anything that isn't functional or motivating for you and your children won't give you the results or satisfaction we all hope to obtain while working with our little ones.

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