What is wrong with him??!

I saw a very nervous family recently. They had so much to say. They clearly knew their son well. They were very proud parents and told detail after detail about what their child COULD do. Why were they asking for an evaluation? Turns out, family members had been asking “what is wrong with him?” NOTHING.Continue reading “What is wrong with him??!”

Dear Boys, your parents have feelings

In our house, we are very honest about our feelings. This past year and this past week, the adults in this house had a great deal of feelings. Instead of covering them up, we talked about those feelings openly. This week was tough. My husband and I didn’t realize the emotional weight the current eventsContinue reading “Dear Boys, your parents have feelings”

Follow your child’s lead

Little ones don’t need elaborate activities and set up. Have you spent precious time setting up a fabulous play idea just to have your child dismiss it completely, leave after a few minutes, or use your pretty train tracks as a superhero costume (see exhibit A)? That isn’t to say I don’t still set upContinue reading “Follow your child’s lead”

Let’s talk about articulation

This is a tricky topic because there is SO much variation in those early years. Many speech-language pathologists can’t even agree on when a child is developing typically or if their articulation acquisition is behind. Sometimes it is more complicated than just not being able to make certain sounds. The best advice I can giveContinue reading “Let’s talk about articulation”

First words….who will win? Mama vs Dada

We are headed into the first words zone and the battle is on!! So there are plenty of people who believe “dada” tends to be first because /d/ is simply easier to say. Some also believe “mama” comes first because mama might be a favorite parent from time to time. I have a feeling ourContinue reading “First words….who will win? Mama vs Dada”