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“Uh oh, Ta Da”

Let us all remember the wise words… LESS IS MORE Now that isn’t always true but in the case of modeling language, when you sit down with your child to play, targeted language modeling is Highly recommended. My littlest man is not the biggest talker. But when we sit down to play and I pickContinue reading ““Uh oh, Ta Da””

What is wrong with him??!

I saw a very nervous family recently. They had so much to say. They clearly knew their son well. They were very proud parents and told detail after detail about what their child COULD do. Why were they asking for an evaluation? Turns out, family members had been asking “what is wrong with him?” NOTHING.Continue reading “What is wrong with him??!”

Blogs on blogs

One thing I truly love about my profession is the diversity and all the nooks and crannies that someone can find themselves specializing in. Collaborating and forming a community of fellow speech-language pathologists provides a huge wealth of knowledge and resources. So I’d like to share some blogs you might enjoy with a focus onContinue reading “Blogs on blogs”

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